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 Geometry detector assembly example.
 Drawing a building where Dept.
 Drawing the Cheongwadae building which is the Presidential Residence of the Republic of Korea, using ROOT geometry class.
 Combinatorial Solid Geometry example.
 GUI to draw the geometry shapes.
 Script drawing a detector geometry (here ALICE).
 Script drawing a detector geometry (here ITSV from Alice).
 Script drawing a detector geometry (here ATLAS).
 Script drawing a detector geometry (here BRAHMS).
 Script drawing a detector geometry (here D0).
 Example of the old geometry package (now obsolete)
 Drawing a figure, made of lego block, using ROOT geometry class.
 Drawing a mp3 type music player, using ROOT geometry class.
 This file has been generated automatically via the root utility toroot from an interactive version of GEANT (see ROOT class TGeometry header for an example of use) This shows an example of the old geometry package (now obsolete)
 Before executing this macro, the file makegeometry.C must have been executed.
 This macro generates with 2 views of the NA49 detector using the old obsolete geometry package.
 Misaligning geometry generate in many cases overlaps, due to the idealization of the design and the fact that in real life movements of the geometry volumes have constraints and are correlated.
 Macro that demonstrates usage of radioactive elements/materials/mixtures with TGeo package.
 Drawing a famous Korean robot, TaekwonV, using ROOT geometry class.
 Definition of a simple geometry (the 4 ROOT characters)
 Creates and runs a simple iterator plugin connected to TGeoPainter iterator.
 The old geometry shapes (see script geodemo.C)
 Macro illustrating how to animate a geometry picture using a Timer.
 Drawing a famous Korean gate, the South gate, called Namdeamoon in Korean, using ROOT geometry class.
 Drawing a space station, using ROOT geometry class.
 Drawing a space station (version 2), using ROOT geometry class.
 Drawing a fine tank, using ROOT geometry class.
 Macro allowing to vizualize tessellations from Wavefront's .obj format.
 Web-based GUI to draw the geometry shapes.
 Draw a "representative" TXTRU shape.
 Draw a sample of TXTRU shapes some convex, concave (and possibly malformed)