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BatchInterfaceAccessor Class Reference

Helper class to access a batch-related part of RooAbsReal's interface, which should not leak to the outside world.

Definition at line 593 of file RooAbsReal.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static void checkBatchComputation (const RooAbsReal &theReal, const RooBatchCompute::RunContext &evalData, std::size_t evtNo, const RooArgSet *normSet=nullptr, double relAccuracy=1.E-13)

#include <RooAbsReal.h>

Member Function Documentation

◆ checkBatchComputation()

static void BatchInterfaceAccessor::checkBatchComputation ( const RooAbsReal theReal,
const RooBatchCompute::RunContext evalData,
std::size_t  evtNo,
const RooArgSet normSet = nullptr,
double  relAccuracy = 1.E-13 

Definition at line 595 of file RooAbsReal.h.

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