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df012_DefinesAndFiltersAsStrings.C File Reference

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View in nbviewer Open in SWAN Use just-in-time-compiled Filters and Defines for quick prototyping.

This tutorial illustrates how to save some typing when using RDataFrame by invoking functions that perform jit-compiling at runtime.

// We will inefficiently calculate an approximation of pi by generating
// some data and doing very simple filtering and analysis on it
// We start by creating an empty dataframe where we will insert 10 million
// random points in a square of side 2.0 (that is, with an inscribed circle
// of radius 1.0)
size_t npoints = 10000000;
ROOT::RDataFrame df(npoints);
// Define what we want inside the dataframe. We do not need to define p as an array,
// but we do it here to demonstrate how to use jitting with RDataFrame
// NOTE: Although it's possible to use "for (auto&& x : p)" below, it will
// shadow the name of the data column "x", and may cause compilation failures
// if the local variable and the data column are of different types or the
// local x variable is declared in the global scope of the lambda function
auto pidf = df.Define("x", "gRandom->Uniform(-1.0, 1.0)")
.Define("y", "gRandom->Uniform(-1.0, 1.0)")
.Define("p", "std::array<double, 2> v{x, y}; return v;")
.Define("r", "double r2 = 0.0; for (auto&& x : p) r2 += x*x; return sqrt(r2);");
// Now we have a dataframe with columns x, y, p (which is a point based on x
// and y), and the radius r = sqrt(x*x + y*y). In order to approximate pi, we
// need to know how many of our data points fall inside the unit circle compared
// with the total number of points. The ratio of the areas is
// A_circle / A_square = pi r*r / l * l, where r = 1.0, and l = 2.0
// Therefore, we can approximate pi with 4 times the number of points inside the
// unit circle over the total number of points in our dataframe:
auto incircle = *(pidf.Filter("r <= 1.0").Count());
double pi_approx = 4.0 * incircle / npoints;
std::cout << "pi is approximately equal to " << pi_approx << std::endl;
ROOT's RDataFrame offers a high level interface for analyses of data stored in TTrees,...
REAL incircle(struct mesh *m, struct behavior *b, vertex pa, vertex pb, vertex pc, vertex pd)
Definition triangle.c:5863
pi is approximately equal to 3.14146
October 2017
Guilherme Amadio (CERN)

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