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ROOT::Math::GSLQRngNiederreiter2 Class Reference

Niederreiter generator gsl_qrng_niederreiter_2 from here

Definition at line 169 of file GSLQuasiRandom.h.

Public Member Functions

 GSLQRngNiederreiter2 ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Math::GSLQuasiRandomEngine
 GSLQuasiRandomEngine ()
 default constructor.
 GSLQuasiRandomEngine (const GSLQuasiRandomEngine &eng)
 Copy constructor : clone the contained GSL generator.
 GSLQuasiRandomEngine (GSLQRngWrapper *rng)
 create from an existing rng.
virtual ~GSLQuasiRandomEngine ()
 call Terminate()
bool GenerateArray (double *begin, double *end) const
 Generate an array of quasi random numbers The iterators points to the random numbers.
void Initialize (unsigned int dimension)
 initialize the generator giving the dimension of the sequence If no rng is present the default one based on Mersenne and Twister is created
std::string Name () const
 return name of generator
unsigned int NDim () const
 return the dimension of generator
double operator() () const
 Generate a random number between ]0,1[.
bool operator() (double *x) const
 Fill array x with random numbers between ]0,1[.
GSLQuasiRandomEngineoperator= (const GSLQuasiRandomEngine &eng)
 Assignment operator : make a deep copy of the contained GSL generator.
unsigned int Size () const
 return the state size of generator
bool Skip (unsigned int n) const
 Skip the next n random numbers.
void Terminate ()
 delete pointer to contained rng

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Math::GSLQuasiRandomEngine
void SetType (GSLQRngWrapper *r)
 internal method used by the derived class to set the type of generators

#include <Math/GSLQuasiRandom.h>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GSLQRngNiederreiter2()

ROOT::Math::GSLQRngNiederreiter2::GSLQRngNiederreiter2 ( )

Definition at line 175 of file GSLQuasiRandom.cxx.

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