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1// @(#)root/base:$Id$
2// Author: Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus 01/06/07
5 * Copyright (C) 1995-2007, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6 * All rights reserved. *
7 * *
8 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10 *************************************************************************/
12#ifndef ROOT_TFileCollection
13#define ROOT_TFileCollection
16// //
17// TFileCollection //
18// //
19// Class that contains a list of TFileInfo's and accumulated meta //
20// data information about its entries. This class is used to describe //
21// file sets as stored by Grid file catalogs, by PROOF or any other //
22// collection of TFile names. //
23// //
26#include "TNamed.h"
28#include "TString.h"
30class THashList;
31class TMap;
32class TList;
33class TCollection;
34class TFileInfo;
35class TFileInfoMeta;
36class TObjString;
39class TFileCollection : public TNamed {
42 THashList *fList; //-> list of TFileInfos
43 TList *fMetaDataList; //-> generic list of file meta data object(s)
44 // (summed over entries of fList)
45 TString fDefaultTree; // name of default tree
46 Long64_t fTotalSize; // total size of files in the list
47 Long64_t fNFiles; // number of files ( == fList->GetEntries(), needed
48 // because TFileCollection might be read without fList)
49 Long64_t fNStagedFiles; // number of staged files
50 Long64_t fNCorruptFiles; // number of corrupt files
55 void PrintDetailed(TString &showOnly) const;
56 void FormatSize(Long64_t bytes, TString &um, Double_t &size) const;
60 kRemoteCollection = BIT(15) // the collection is not staged
61 };
62 TFileCollection(const char *name = nullptr, const char *title = nullptr,
63 const char *file = nullptr, Int_t nfiles = -1, Int_t firstfile = 1);
64 virtual ~TFileCollection();
66 Int_t Add(TFileInfo *info);
68 Int_t AddFromFile(const char *file, Int_t nfiles = -1, Int_t firstfile = 1);
69 Int_t Add(const char *path);
70 THashList *GetList() { return fList; }
71 void SetList(THashList* list) { fList = list; }
73 TObjString *ExportInfo(const char *name = 0, Int_t popt = 0);
77 Int_t Update(Long64_t avgsize = -1);
78 void Sort(Bool_t useindex = kFALSE);
79 void SetAnchor(const char *anchor);
80 void Print(Option_t *option = "") const;
82 void SetBitAll(UInt_t f);
83 void ResetBitAll(UInt_t f);
85 Long64_t GetTotalSize() const { return fTotalSize; }
86 Long64_t GetNFiles() const { return fNFiles; }
90 { return (fNFiles > 0) ? 100. * fNStagedFiles / fNFiles : 0; }
92 { return (fNFiles > 0) ? 100. * fNCorruptFiles / fNFiles : 0; }
94 const char *GetDefaultTreeName() const;
95 void SetDefaultTreeName(const char* treeName) { fDefaultTree = treeName; }
96 Long64_t GetTotalEntries(const char *tree) const;
98 TFileInfoMeta *GetMetaData(const char *meta = 0) const;
99 void SetDefaultMetaData(const char *meta);
101 void RemoveMetaData(const char *meta = 0);
105 TFileCollection *GetFilesOnServer(const char *server);
106 TMap *GetFilesPerServer(const char *exclude = 0, Bool_t curronly = kFALSE);
108 ClassDef(TFileCollection, 3) // Collection of TFileInfo objects
#define f(i)
Definition RSha256.hxx:104
int Int_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:45
unsigned int UInt_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:46
const Bool_t kFALSE
Definition RtypesCore.h:92
bool Bool_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:63
double Double_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:59
long long Long64_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:73
float Float_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:57
const char Option_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:66
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition Rtypes.h:325
#define BIT(n)
Definition Rtypes.h:85
char name[80]
Definition TGX11.cxx:110
Collection abstract base class.
Definition TCollection.h:63
Class that contains a list of TFileInfo's and accumulated meta data information about its entries.
Bool_t AddMetaData(TObject *meta)
Add's a meta data object to the file collection object.
TFileCollection * GetStagedSubset()
Creates a subset of the files that have the kStaged & !kCorrupted bit set.
Int_t RemoveDuplicates()
Remove duplicates based on the UUID, typically after a verification.
Int_t Update(Long64_t avgsize=-1)
Update accumulated information about the elements of the collection (e.g.
THashList * GetList()
TFileCollection(const TFileCollection &)=delete
Long64_t GetTotalEntries(const char *tree) const
Returns the number of entries for the specified tree (retrieved from meta data).
void SetBitAll(UInt_t f)
Set the bit for all TFileInfos.
void Sort(Bool_t useindex=kFALSE)
Sort the collection.
TFileCollection & operator=(const TFileCollection &)=delete
Long64_t GetNCorruptFiles() const
void SetAnchor(const char *anchor)
Calls TUrl::SetAnchor() for all URLs contained in all TFileInfos.
void ResetBitAll(UInt_t f)
Reset the bit for all TFileInfos.
TMap * GetFilesPerServer(const char *exclude=0, Bool_t curronly=kFALSE)
Return a map of TFileCollections with the files on each data server, excluding servers in the comma-s...
Float_t GetStagedPercentage() const
void FormatSize(Long64_t bytes, TString &um, Double_t &size) const
Format size.
void SetDefaultMetaData(const char *meta)
Moves the indicated meta data in the first position, so that it becomes effectively the default.
virtual ~TFileCollection()
void SetDefaultTreeName(const char *treeName)
Long64_t GetNFiles() const
void Print(Option_t *option="") const
Prints the contents of the TFileCollection.
void RemoveMetaData(const char *meta=0)
Removes the indicated meta data object in all TFileInfos and this object If no name is given all meta...
TObjString * ExportInfo(const char *name=0, Int_t popt=0)
Export the relevant info as a string; use 'name' as collection name, if defined, else use GetName().
Long64_t GetTotalSize() const
Long64_t GetNStagedFiles() const
Long64_t Merge(TCollection *list)
Merge all TFileCollection objects in li into this TFileCollection object.
Int_t AddFromFile(const char *file, Int_t nfiles=-1, Int_t firstfile=1)
Add file names contained in the specified text file.
Long64_t fNCorruptFiles
void SetList(THashList *list)
TFileInfoMeta * GetMetaData(const char *meta=0) const
Returns the meta data object with the specified meta name.
const char * GetDefaultTreeName() const
Returns the tree set with SetDefaultTreeName if set Returns the name of the first tree in the meta da...
Float_t GetCorruptedPercentage() const
THashList * fList
Int_t Add(TFileInfo *info)
Add TFileInfo to the collection.
void PrintDetailed(TString &showOnly) const
Print detailed.
TFileCollection * GetFilesOnServer(const char *server)
Return the subset of files served by 'server'.
Class describing a generic file including meta information.
Definition TFileInfo.h:39
THashList implements a hybrid collection class consisting of a hash table and a list to store TObject...
Definition THashList.h:34
A doubly linked list.
Definition TList.h:44
TMap implements an associative array of (key,value) pairs using a THashTable for efficient retrieval ...
Definition TMap.h:40
The TNamed class is the base class for all named ROOT classes.
Definition TNamed.h:29
Collectable string class.
Definition TObjString.h:28
Mother of all ROOT objects.
Definition TObject.h:37
Basic string class.
Definition TString.h:136
Definition file.py:1
Definition tree.py:1