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df102_NanoAODDimuonAnalysis.py File Reference



Detailed Description

View in nbviewer Open in SWAN This tutorial illustrates how NanoAOD files can be processed with ROOT dataframes. The NanoAOD-like input files are filled with 66 mio. events from CMS OpenData containing muon candidates part of 2012 dataset (DOI: 10.7483/OPENDATA.CMS.YLIC.86ZZ and DOI: 10.7483/OPENDATA.CMS.M5AD.Y3V3). The macro matches muon pairs and produces an histogram of the dimuon mass spectrum showing resonances up to the Z mass. Note that the bump at 30 GeV is not a resonance but a trigger effect.

Some more details about the dataset:

  • It contains about 66 millions events (muon and electron collections, plus some other information, e.g. about primary vertices)
  • It spans two compressed ROOT files located on EOS for about a total size of 7.5 GB.

Definition in file df102_NanoAODDimuonAnalysis.py.