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TWin32SplashThread.cxx File Reference
#include "Windows4Root.h"
#include "TWin32SplashThread.h"
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void CreateSplash (DWORD time, bool extended)
void DestroySplashScreen ()
static DWORD WINAPI HandleSplashThread (LPVOID extended)
 thread for handling Splash Screen More...


TWin32SplashThreadgSplash = 0

Function Documentation

◆ CreateSplash()

void CreateSplash ( DWORD  time,
bool  extended 

◆ DestroySplashScreen()

void DestroySplashScreen ( )

◆ HandleSplashThread()

static DWORD WINAPI HandleSplashThread ( LPVOID  extended)

thread for handling Splash Screen

Definition at line 21 of file TWin32SplashThread.cxx.

Variable Documentation

◆ gSplash

TWin32SplashThread* gSplash = 0

Definition at line 13 of file TWin32SplashThread.cxx.