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1// @(#)root/treeviewer:$Id$
2// Author: Bastien Dalla Piazza 02/08/2007
5 * Copyright (C) 1995-2007, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6 * All rights reserved. *
7 * *
8 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10 *************************************************************************/
12#ifndef ROOT_TParallelCoordEditor
13#define ROOT_TParallelCoordEditor
15#include "TGedFrame.h"
17class TParallelCoord;
18class TGCheckButton;
20class TGButtonGroup;
21class TGRadioButton;
22class TGTextEntry;
24class TGColorSelect;
25class TGHSlider;
26class TGComboBox;
27class TGDoubleHSlider;
73 void CleanUpSelections();
74 void CleanUpVariables();
75 virtual void ConnectSignals2Slots();
76 void MakeVariablesTab();
79 TParallelCoordEditor(const TGWindow *p = nullptr,
80 Int_t width = 140, Int_t height = 30,
81 UInt_t options = kChildFrame,
83 ~TParallelCoordEditor() override;
85 virtual void DoActivateSelection(Bool_t);
86 virtual void DoAddSelection();
87 virtual void DoAddVariable();
88 virtual void DoApplySelect();
89 virtual void DoDelayDrawing(Bool_t);
90 virtual void DoDeleteSelection();
91 virtual void DoDeleteVar();
92 virtual void DoDotsSpacing();
93 virtual void DoDotsSpacingField();
94 virtual void DoAlpha();
95 virtual void DoAlphaField();
96 virtual void DoFirstEntry();
97 virtual void DoGlobalLineColor(Pixel_t);
98 virtual void DoGlobalLineWidth(Int_t);
99 virtual void DoHideAllRanges(Bool_t);
100 virtual void DoHistShowBoxes(Bool_t);
101 virtual void DoHistWidth();
102 virtual void DoHistBinning();
103 virtual void DoHistColorSelect(Pixel_t);
104 virtual void DoHistPatternSelect(Style_t);
105 virtual void DoEntriesToDraw();
106 virtual void DoLineType();
107 virtual void DoLiveDotsSpacing(Int_t a);
108 virtual void DoLiveAlpha(Int_t a);
109 virtual void DoLiveEntriesToDraw();
110 virtual void DoLiveWeightCut(Int_t n);
111 virtual void DoNentries();
112 virtual void DoPaintEntries(Bool_t);
113 virtual void DoSelectionSelect(const char* title);
114 virtual void DoSelectLineColor(Pixel_t);
115 virtual void DoSelectLineWidth(Int_t);
116 virtual void DoShowRanges(Bool_t s);
117 virtual void DoUnApply();
118 virtual void DoVariableSelect(const char* var);
119 virtual void DoWeightCut();
120 void SetModel(TObject* obj) override;
122 ClassDefOverride(TParallelCoordEditor,0) // GUI for editing the parallel coordinates plot attributes.
@ kChildFrame
Definition GuiTypes.h:379
ULong_t Pixel_t
Pixel value.
Definition GuiTypes.h:40
#define a(i)
Definition RSha256.hxx:99
short Style_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:89
#define ClassDefOverride(name, id)
Definition Rtypes.h:339
winID h TVirtualViewer3D TVirtualGLPainter p
Option_t Option_t width
Option_t Option_t TPoint TPoint const char GetTextMagnitude GetFillStyle GetLineColor GetLineWidth GetMarkerStyle GetTextAlign GetTextColor GetTextSize void char Point_t Rectangle_t height
Organizes TGButton widgets in a group.
Selects different options.
Definition TGButton.h:264
Like a checkbutton but instead of the check mark there is color area with a little down arrow.
A combobox (also known as a drop down listbox) allows the selection of one item out of a list of item...
Definition TGComboBox.h:47
The base class for composite widgets (menu bars, list boxes, etc.).
Definition TGFrame.h:287
Dragging the slider will generate the event:
static Pixel_t GetDefaultFrameBackground()
Get default frame background.
Definition TGFrame.cxx:683
Concrete class for horizontal slider.
Definition TGSlider.h:119
The TGLineWidthComboBox user callable and it creates a combobox for selecting the line width.
Definition TGComboBox.h:158
Selects different options.
Definition TGButton.h:321
Yield an action as soon as it is clicked.
Definition TGButton.h:142
A TGTextEntry is a one line text input widget.
Definition TGTextEntry.h:24
ROOT GUI Window base class.
Definition TGWindow.h:23
Base frame for implementing GUI - a service class.
Definition TGedFrame.h:27
is a button with pattern area with a little down arrow.
Mother of all ROOT objects.
Definition TObject.h:41
This is the TParallelCoord editor.
virtual void DoSelectLineColor(Pixel_t)
Slot to set the line color of selection.
~TParallelCoordEditor() override
virtual void DoHideAllRanges(Bool_t)
Slot to hide all the ranges.
TGDoubleHSlider * fEntriesToDraw
virtual void DoLiveEntriesToDraw()
Slot to update the entries fields from the slider position.
TGCheckButton * fHideAllRanges
virtual void DoDotsSpacing()
Slot to set the line dot spacing.
virtual void DoAlpha()
Slot to set the alpha value.
virtual void DoApplySelect()
Slot to apply a selection to the tree.
virtual void ConnectSignals2Slots()
Connect signals to slots.
virtual void DoActivateSelection(Bool_t)
Slot to activate or not a selection.
virtual void DoFirstEntry()
Slot to set the first entry.
virtual void DoLiveDotsSpacing(Int_t a)
Slot to set the dots spacing online.
TGTextButton * fDeleteSelection
TGLineWidthComboBox * fSelectLineWidth
virtual void DoLiveWeightCut(Int_t n)
Slot to update the weight cut entry field from the slider position.
TGCheckButton * fActivateSelection
virtual void DoShowRanges(Bool_t s)
Slot to show or not the ranges on the pad.
TGedPatternSelect * fHistPatternSelect
virtual void DoDotsSpacingField()
Slot to set the line dot spacing from the entry field.
TGLineWidthComboBox * fGlobalLineWidth
void CleanUpSelections()
Clean up the selection combo box.
virtual void DoGlobalLineColor(Pixel_t)
Slot to set the global line color.
TGNumberEntryField * fFirstEntry
virtual void DoLiveAlpha(Int_t a)
Slot to set alpha value online.
virtual void DoDeleteVar()
Slot to delete a variable().
TGNumberEntryField * fDotsSpacingField
virtual void DoSelectionSelect(const char *title)
Slot to set the selection being edited.
TGCompositeFrame * fVarTab
virtual void DoHistColorSelect(Pixel_t)
Slot to set the histograms color.
virtual void DoGlobalLineWidth(Int_t)
Slot to set the global line width.
virtual void DoHistWidth()
Slot to set histogram width.
TGCheckButton * fHistShowBoxes
void SetModel(TObject *obj) override
Pick up the used parallel coordinates plot attributes.
virtual void DoUnApply()
Slot to reset the tree entry list to the original one.
virtual void DoAddVariable()
Slot to add a variable.
TGCheckButton * fPaintEntries
virtual void DoPaintEntries(Bool_t)
Slot to postpone the entries drawing.
virtual void DoHistPatternSelect(Style_t)
Slot to set the histograms fill style.
TGColorSelect * fSelectLineColor
void MakeVariablesTab()
Make the "variable" tab.
virtual void DoAddSelection()
Slot to add a selection.
TGCheckButton * fDelayDrawing
virtual void DoAlphaField()
Slot to set the alpha value from the entry field.
virtual void DoDelayDrawing(Bool_t)
Slot to delay the drawing.
TGNumberEntryField * fHistWidth
virtual void DoSelectLineWidth(Int_t)
Slot to set the line width of selection.
virtual void DoEntriesToDraw()
Slot to select the entries to be drawn.
TGColorSelect * fHistColorSelect
TGRadioButton * fLineTypePoly
virtual void DoLineType()
Slot to set the line type.
TGColorSelect * fGlobalLineColor
virtual void DoHistShowBoxes(Bool_t)
Slot to set histogram height.
TGNumberEntryField * fAlphaField
void CleanUpVariables()
Clean up the variables combo box.
TGNumberEntryField * fWeightCutField
TGRadioButton * fLineTypeCurves
virtual void DoWeightCut()
Slot to update the weight cut.
virtual void DoNentries()
Slot to set the number of entries to display.
TGNumberEntryField * fNentries
TGButtonGroup * fLineTypeBgroup
virtual void DoHistBinning()
Slot to set the axes histogram binning.
virtual void DoDeleteSelection()
Slot to delete a selection.
TGNumberEntryField * fHistBinning
virtual void DoVariableSelect(const char *var)
Slot to select a variable.
Parallel Coordinates class.
const Int_t n
Definition legend1.C:16