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1// @(#)root/ged:$Id$
2// Author: Ilka Antcheva 24/06/04
5 * Copyright (C) 1995-2002, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6 * All rights reserved. *
7 * *
8 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10 *************************************************************************/
12#ifndef ROOT_TPadEditor
13#define ROOT_TPadEditor
16#include "TGedFrame.h"
18class TGCheckButton;
19class TGRadioButton;
21class TGButtonGroup;
22class TPad;
25class TPadEditor : public TGedFrame {
28 TPad *fPadPointer; ///< TPad object
29 TGCheckButton *fEditable; ///< set pad editable
30 TGCheckButton *fCrosshair; ///< set crosshair
31 TGCheckButton *fFixedAR; ///< set fixed aspect ratio
32 TGCheckButton *fGridX; ///< set grid on X
33 TGCheckButton *fGridY; ///< set grid on Y
34 TGCheckButton *fLogX; ///< set log scale on X
35 TGCheckButton *fLogY; ///< set log scale on Y
36 TGCheckButton *fLogZ; ///< set log scale on Z
37 TGCheckButton *fTickX; ///< set ticks on X
38 TGCheckButton *fTickY; ///< set ticks on Y
39 TGRadioButton *fBmode; ///< set sinken pad border mode
40 TGRadioButton *fBmode0; ///< set no pad border
41 TGRadioButton *fBmode1; ///< set raised pad border mode
42 TGLayoutHints *fBmodelh; ///< layout hints for border mode buttons
43 TGLineWidthComboBox *fBsize; ///< set pad border size
44 TGButtonGroup *fBgroup; ///< button group of border mode
46 virtual void ConnectSignals2Slots();
49 TPadEditor(const TGWindow *p = 0,
50 Int_t width = 140, Int_t height = 30,
51 UInt_t options = kChildFrame,
53 virtual ~TPadEditor();
55 virtual void SetModel(TObject* obj);
56 virtual void ActivateBaseClassEditors(TClass* cl);
58 virtual void DoEditable(Bool_t on);
59 virtual void DoCrosshair(Bool_t on);
60 virtual void DoFixedAspectRatio(Bool_t on);
61 virtual void DoGridX(Bool_t on);
62 virtual void DoGridY(Bool_t on);
63 virtual void DoLogX(Bool_t on);
64 virtual void DoLogY(Bool_t on);
65 virtual void DoLogZ(Bool_t on);
66 virtual void DoTickX(Bool_t on);
67 virtual void DoTickY(Bool_t on);
68 virtual void DoBorderMode();
69 virtual void DoBorderSize(Int_t size);
71 ClassDef(TPadEditor,0) //editor of TPad objects
@ kChildFrame
Definition: GuiTypes.h:379
ULong_t Pixel_t
Pixel value.
Definition: GuiTypes.h:40
size_t size(const MatrixT &matrix)
retrieve the size of a square matrix
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition: Rtypes.h:325
include TDocParser_001 C image html pict1_TDocParser_001 png width
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:121
TClass instances represent classes, structs and namespaces in the ROOT type system.
Definition: TClass.h:80
Organizes TGButton widgets in a group.
Definition: TGButtonGroup.h:21
Selects different options.
Definition: TGButton.h:264
static Pixel_t GetDefaultFrameBackground()
Get default frame background.
Definition: TGFrame.cxx:683
This class describes layout hints used by the layout classes.
Definition: TGLayout.h:50
The TGLineWidthComboBox user callable and it creates a combobox for selecting the line width.
Definition: TGComboBox.h:157
Selects different options.
Definition: TGButton.h:322
ROOT GUI Window base class.
Definition: TGWindow.h:23
Base frame for implementing GUI - a service class.
Definition: TGedFrame.h:27
Mother of all ROOT objects.
Definition: TObject.h:37
Editor of pad/canvas objects.
Definition: TPadEditor.h:25
virtual void ConnectSignals2Slots()
Connect signals to slots.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:153
TGRadioButton * fBmode0
set no pad border
Definition: TPadEditor.h:40
virtual void DoGridX(Bool_t on)
Slot connected to the check box 'GridX'.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:285
TGButtonGroup * fBgroup
button group of border mode
Definition: TPadEditor.h:44
virtual void DoLogY(Bool_t on)
Slot connected to the check box 'LogY'.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:315
virtual void DoEditable(Bool_t on)
Slot connected to the check box 'Editable'.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:255
TGCheckButton * fLogX
set log scale on X
Definition: TPadEditor.h:34
TGCheckButton * fFixedAR
set fixed aspect ratio
Definition: TPadEditor.h:31
virtual void SetModel(TObject *obj)
Pick up the used fill attributes.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:173
TGCheckButton * fLogZ
set log scale on Z
Definition: TPadEditor.h:36
virtual void DoBorderSize(Int_t size)
Slot connected to the border size settings.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:375
virtual void DoCrosshair(Bool_t on)
Slot connected to the check box 'Crosshair'.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:265
virtual void DoTickY(Bool_t on)
Slot connected to the check box 'TickY'.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:345
TGCheckButton * fLogY
set log scale on Y
Definition: TPadEditor.h:35
TGLineWidthComboBox * fBsize
set pad border size
Definition: TPadEditor.h:43
virtual void DoBorderMode()
Slot connected to the border mode settings.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:355
TGCheckButton * fTickX
set ticks on X
Definition: TPadEditor.h:37
virtual ~TPadEditor()
Destructor of fill editor.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:141
TGRadioButton * fBmode1
set raised pad border mode
Definition: TPadEditor.h:41
TGCheckButton * fGridY
set grid on Y
Definition: TPadEditor.h:33
TGCheckButton * fCrosshair
set crosshair
Definition: TPadEditor.h:30
virtual void DoFixedAspectRatio(Bool_t on)
Slot connected to the check box 'Fixed aspect ratio'.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:275
TPad * fPadPointer
TPad object.
Definition: TPadEditor.h:28
virtual void DoLogX(Bool_t on)
Slot connected to the check box 'LogX'.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:305
TGCheckButton * fGridX
set grid on X
Definition: TPadEditor.h:32
virtual void DoGridY(Bool_t on)
Slot connected to the check box 'GridY'.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:295
TPadEditor(const TGWindow *p=0, Int_t width=140, Int_t height=30, UInt_t options=kChildFrame, Pixel_t back=GetDefaultFrameBackground())
Constructor of TPad editor GUI.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:58
TGRadioButton * fBmode
set sinken pad border mode
Definition: TPadEditor.h:39
virtual void DoTickX(Bool_t on)
Slot connected to the check box 'TickX'.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:335
TGCheckButton * fEditable
set pad editable
Definition: TPadEditor.h:29
virtual void ActivateBaseClassEditors(TClass *cl)
Exclude TAttLineEditor from this interface.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:246
TGCheckButton * fTickY
set ticks on Y
Definition: TPadEditor.h:38
virtual void DoLogZ(Bool_t on)
Slot connected to the check box 'LogZ'.
Definition: TPadEditor.cxx:325
TGLayoutHints * fBmodelh
layout hints for border mode buttons
Definition: TPadEditor.h:42
The most important graphics class in the ROOT system.
Definition: TPad.h:26