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1// @(#)root/base:$Id$
2// Author: Rene Brun 04/01/95
5 * Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6 * All rights reserved. *
7 * *
8 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10 *************************************************************************/
12#ifndef ROOT_TAttPad
13#define ROOT_TAttPad
16#include "Rtypes.h"
19class TAttPad {
21 Float_t fLeftMargin; ///< LeftMargin
22 Float_t fRightMargin; ///< RightMargin
23 Float_t fBottomMargin; ///< BottomMargin
24 Float_t fTopMargin; ///< TopMargin
25 Float_t fXfile; ///< X position where to draw the file name
26 Float_t fYfile; ///< Y position where to draw the file name
27 Float_t fAfile; ///< Alignment for the file name
28 Float_t fXstat; ///< X position where to draw the statistics
29 Float_t fYstat; ///< Y position where to draw the statistics
30 Float_t fAstat; ///< Alignment for the statistics
31 Color_t fFrameFillColor; ///< Pad frame fill color
32 Color_t fFrameLineColor; ///< Pad frame line color
33 Style_t fFrameFillStyle; ///< Pad frame fill style
34 Style_t fFrameLineStyle; ///< Pad frame line style
35 Width_t fFrameLineWidth; ///< Pad frame line width
36 Width_t fFrameBorderSize; ///< Pad frame border size
37 Int_t fFrameBorderMode; ///< Pad frame border mode
40 TAttPad();
41 virtual ~TAttPad();
42 virtual void Copy(TAttPad &attpad) const;
46 Float_t GetTopMargin() const { return fTopMargin;}
47 Float_t GetAfile() const { return fAfile;}
48 Float_t GetXfile() const { return fXfile;}
49 Float_t GetYfile() const { return fYfile;}
50 Float_t GetAstat() const { return fAstat;}
51 Float_t GetXstat() const { return fXstat;}
52 Float_t GetYstat() const { return fYstat;}
60 virtual void Print(Option_t *option="") const;
61 virtual void ResetAttPad(Option_t *option="");
62 virtual void SetBottomMargin(Float_t bottommargin);
63 virtual void SetLeftMargin(Float_t leftmargin);
64 virtual void SetRightMargin(Float_t rightmargin);
65 virtual void SetTopMargin(Float_t topmargin);
66 virtual void SetMargin(Float_t left, Float_t right, Float_t bottom, Float_t top);
67 virtual void SetAfile(Float_t afile) { fAfile=afile;}
68 virtual void SetXfile(Float_t xfile) { fXfile=xfile;}
69 virtual void SetYfile(Float_t yfile) { fYfile=yfile;}
70 virtual void SetAstat(Float_t astat) { fAstat=astat;}
71 virtual void SetXstat(Float_t xstat) { fXstat=xstat;}
72 virtual void SetYstat(Float_t ystat) { fYstat=ystat;}
73 void SetFrameFillColor(Color_t color=1) {fFrameFillColor = color;}
74 void SetFrameLineColor(Color_t color=1) {fFrameLineColor = color;}
81 ClassDef(TAttPad,4); //Pad attributes
size_t size(const MatrixT &matrix)
retrieve the size of a square matrix
short Style_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:89
short Color_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:92
short Width_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:91
float Float_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:57
const char Option_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:66
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition Rtypes.h:337
Option_t Option_t option
Option_t Option_t TPoint TPoint const char mode
Option_t Option_t width
Manages default Pad attributes.
Definition TAttPad.h:19
Float_t fYstat
Y position where to draw the statistics.
Definition TAttPad.h:29
virtual void SetAfile(Float_t afile)
Definition TAttPad.h:67
Color_t fFrameLineColor
Pad frame line color.
Definition TAttPad.h:32
Float_t fAstat
Alignment for the statistics.
Definition TAttPad.h:30
Width_t fFrameLineWidth
Pad frame line width.
Definition TAttPad.h:35
Float_t GetAfile() const
Definition TAttPad.h:47
Float_t fAfile
Alignment for the file name.
Definition TAttPad.h:27
virtual void SetBottomMargin(Float_t bottommargin)
Set Pad bottom margin in fraction of the pad height.
Definition TAttPad.cxx:99
Color_t GetFrameFillColor() const
Definition TAttPad.h:53
virtual void SetXstat(Float_t xstat)
Definition TAttPad.h:71
void SetFrameFillColor(Color_t color=1)
Definition TAttPad.h:73
Float_t GetXfile() const
Definition TAttPad.h:48
void SetFrameBorderSize(Width_t size=1)
Definition TAttPad.h:78
virtual void SetYfile(Float_t yfile)
Definition TAttPad.h:69
virtual void Print(Option_t *option="") const
Print function.
Definition TAttPad.cxx:68
void SetFrameLineColor(Color_t color=1)
Definition TAttPad.h:74
virtual ~TAttPad()
Definition TAttPad.cxx:37
virtual void ResetAttPad(Option_t *option="")
Reset pad attributes.
Definition TAttPad.cxx:75
Definition TAttPad.cxx:29
Style_t fFrameFillStyle
Pad frame fill style.
Definition TAttPad.h:33
virtual void SetLeftMargin(Float_t leftmargin)
Set Pad left margin in fraction of the pad width.
Definition TAttPad.cxx:109
virtual void Copy(TAttPad &attpad) const
copy function
Definition TAttPad.cxx:44
Color_t GetFrameLineColor() const
Definition TAttPad.h:54
Color_t fFrameFillColor
Pad frame fill color.
Definition TAttPad.h:31
Style_t GetFrameLineStyle() const
Definition TAttPad.h:56
Float_t fXfile
X position where to draw the file name.
Definition TAttPad.h:25
Float_t GetXstat() const
Definition TAttPad.h:51
void SetFrameBorderMode(Int_t mode=1)
Definition TAttPad.h:79
void SetFrameFillStyle(Style_t styl=0)
Definition TAttPad.h:75
Float_t fRightMargin
Definition TAttPad.h:22
Float_t fXstat
X position where to draw the statistics.
Definition TAttPad.h:28
Style_t GetFrameFillStyle() const
Definition TAttPad.h:55
Float_t fLeftMargin
Definition TAttPad.h:21
Float_t fTopMargin
Definition TAttPad.h:24
Float_t GetLeftMargin() const
Definition TAttPad.h:44
Width_t GetFrameLineWidth() const
Definition TAttPad.h:57
Float_t GetYfile() const
Definition TAttPad.h:49
Width_t fFrameBorderSize
Pad frame border size.
Definition TAttPad.h:36
Float_t GetBottomMargin() const
Definition TAttPad.h:43
virtual void SetRightMargin(Float_t rightmargin)
Set Pad right margin in fraction of the pad width.
Definition TAttPad.cxx:119
Float_t GetRightMargin() const
Definition TAttPad.h:45
Int_t GetFrameBorderMode() const
Definition TAttPad.h:59
Float_t fYfile
Y position where to draw the file name.
Definition TAttPad.h:26
Float_t GetAstat() const
Definition TAttPad.h:50
Style_t fFrameLineStyle
Pad frame line style.
Definition TAttPad.h:34
void SetFrameLineStyle(Style_t styl=0)
Definition TAttPad.h:76
virtual void SetTopMargin(Float_t topmargin)
Set Pad top margin in fraction of the pad height.
Definition TAttPad.cxx:129
Width_t GetFrameBorderSize() const
Definition TAttPad.h:58
Float_t fBottomMargin
Definition TAttPad.h:23
Float_t GetYstat() const
Definition TAttPad.h:52
Int_t fFrameBorderMode
Pad frame border mode.
Definition TAttPad.h:37
void SetFrameLineWidth(Width_t width=1)
Definition TAttPad.h:77
virtual void SetXfile(Float_t xfile)
Definition TAttPad.h:68
Float_t GetTopMargin() const
Definition TAttPad.h:46
virtual void SetYstat(Float_t ystat)
Definition TAttPad.h:72
virtual void SetMargin(Float_t left, Float_t right, Float_t bottom, Float_t top)
Set all margins.
Definition TAttPad.cxx:139
virtual void SetAstat(Float_t astat)
Definition TAttPad.h:70