ROOT Users Workshop 2013, 11 - 14 March, Saas-Fee

Featuring ROOT 6 - The Next Generation

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Since almost two decades, ROOT has established itself as the framework for HENP data processing and analysis. The LHC upgrade program and the new experiments being designed at CERN and elsewhere will pose even more  formidable challenges in terms of data complexity and size. The new parallel and heterogeneous computing architectures that are either announced or already available will call for a deep rethinking of the code and the data structures to be exploited efficiently.
This workshop, following from a successful series of such events, will allow you to learn in detail about the new ROOT 6 and will help shape the future evolution of ROOT.


  • ROOT roadmap
  • The new cling C++11 interpreter
  • New persistency features
  • Concurrency and ROOT
  • Distributed data analysis with PROOF and PoD
  • ROOT on mobile
  • ROOT in Javascript
  • Latest on math tools and techniques
  • Moving ROOT to C++11
  • User feedback

Abstract Submission

New abstract submission deadline is February 25th.

Abstract submission deadline is February, 11th.

For submitting an abstract please use the workshop Indico page.


New registration deadline is March 7th.

Registration deadline is February, 28th.

Conference fee: 150 CHF (covering 4 lunches, coffee breaks and a workshop dinner).

Students: Sponsorship is available, please contact organizing committee for further information.

For registration please use the  workshop Indico page.


Accommodation fee: 195 CHF/day (breakfast included). Double occupancy adds 115 CHF/day to the price. Dinner is available for extra 30 CHF/person.

The workshop venue is the Schweizerhof hotel.

The participants will have rooms in either the Schweizerhof, The Dom, Du Glacier, Europa, Allalin or the Saaserhof hotels.

All hotels are **** and within close proximity.

The assignment to the hotels will be made by the organization.

Organizing Committee

  • Philippe Canal, FNAL
  • Federico Carminati, CERN
  • Axel Naumann, CERN
  • Eddy Offermann
  • Fons Rademakers, CERN
  • Ulla Tihinen, CERN


For further information please contact