Try the new ROOTbooks on Binder (beta)

(16 December 2015)

Try the new ROOTbooks on Binder (Beta)! Use ROOT interactively in notebooks and explore to the examples.

Not even two weeks since the release of the ROOT Jupyter kernel and you can already try ROOT interactively on Binder (Beta)! Of course, do not hesitate to use your favourite mobile deviceā€¦

We collected ROOTbooks which illustrate the most striking features of the integration of ROOT with Jupyter technology, using both the C++ and Python languages. Take it as the documentation for the most impatient user, read the notebooks, execute them interactively, modify them.

Let us surprise you with full blown modern C++ interpretation, interactive graphics, integration with iPython widgets and much more!

Binder is a tool that turns a GitHub repo into a collection of interactive notebooks powered by Jupyter and Kubernetes: follow the link to the Binder website to learn more.