ROOT has its Jupyter Kernel!

(5 December 2015)

ROOT has its Jupyter kernel! More information here.

Yet another milestone of the integration plan of ROOT with the Jupyter technology has been reached: ROOT now offers a Jupyter kernel! You can try it already now.

ROOT is the 54th entry in this list and this is pretty cool. Now not only the PyROOT, the ROOT Python bindings, are integrated with notebooks but it’s also possible to express your data mining in C++ within a notebook, taking advantage of all the powerful features of ROOT - plotting (now also interactive thanks to Javascript ROOT), multivariate analysis, linear algebra, I/O and reflection: all available within a notebook.

But this is just the beginning: thanks to the well established and widely PyROOT technology, it is now possible to seamlessly mix C++ and Python in notebooks (of course without the need of writing any binding by hand).

This is just the beginning: expect tons of goodies in 2016!