The New ROOT Website is Online!

(3 September 2015)

The new ROOT website is online!

Our old website served us well for many years, but we felt we could do better, incorporating the many ideas and feedback we received from you, our users. The whole site has been entirely rethought. Some highlights:

  • A new, modern look and feel
  • An improved navigation which allows to literally rediscover the published material
  • A new structure of documentation aiming to help newcomers to get started with less effort and experts to further develop their ROOT skills
  • New material, for examples in the how to and courses section
  • New concepts, like the project ideas targeting curious and talented scientists and developers who want to contribute to ROOT

The list of improvements is long. Many of them are even not exposed to users! For example the adoption of the Drupal7 technology, the hosting of the site on the CERN Drupal instance with its unbeatable security and reliability levels. Congratulation to all the ROOT team, our designer and communication expert Nefeli Kousi (PH-SFT), Sotirios Boutas (DG-CO-CO), Dan Noyes (DG-CO-CO), Eduardo Alvarez Fernandez (IT-OIS-WL), Cinzia Demelis (DG-CO).