Issues? GitHub!

(9 September 2020)

First of all: a big THANK YOU for submitting bugs for ROOT. We appreciate the effort: finding the issue-submission web page, explaining what the problem is, and sometimes even providing a reproducer.

To make it easier for you to submit issues, we now switched from Jira to GitHub Issues. We hope that having a GitHub account is so common these days that you’re already logged in and used to GitHub’s interfaces.

Starting today, new bugs will only be reported in GitHub. What has been reported in Jira remains in Jira; we will keep fixing these Jira issues until they are all resolved. Jira now displays a message, asking you to use GitHub for issue submission instead.

For us, that change will help in triaging issues, tracking progress, and most importantly bringing issue handling way closer to our code. Pull requests, commits, issues, code: they can all cross-reference now, giving a consistent view.

Moving to a closed-source universe like GitHub isn’t exactly obvious for us. (But then again we’re coming from Jira…) On the other hand we did not want to use CERN’s GitLab because that requires a CERN account for issue submission, and exactly that was one of the biggest problems with Jira.

We hope that the move is not too painful for you. Maybe you even appreciate it! Let us know what can we do to make bug submission easier for you.