Help for searching online materials

The search icon at the top of every page allows you to look for keywords throughout the online reference materials. When you click on this link, you are given a search interface that looks like this:

To conduct a search, you can click in the provided text boxes and then type terms you wish to search for. You can also use the adjacent pop-up menu item to select the limit on the number of results you wish to view. When you have specified these search criteria, you can click on the button labeled Submit Query to begin your search. The other button, labeled Reset Form can be used to clear the text fields and reset the pop-up menu to its default state.

Your results come up as a new hypertext page giving a list of each of the files containing your search terms. This listing is ranked from The most significant (scored by the number of occurrences weighted against the length of the file) followed by the less significant results.

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