Re: problems build root on OSX against non-system python version

From: Chris Jones <>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 19:18:00 +0100



>> I still maintain my basic argument that it is not ideal for root to just
>> assume 'python' found via the PATH is always the right binary to use.

> Well, the main thing for me is to minimize the amount of questions I get
> about "I tried to install, but ... " especially now that PyROOT is no longer
> supported and the python actually in PATH is the python of least surprise
> for most people. Nothing to do with logic or being right. :) Beyond that, the
> paths that I sent (where Python is located rather than the .dylib in config)
> work for systems installs, so I think the whole option set is complete as is.
> Only confusing part is perhaps that if the provided path does not work,
> configure falls back to other pre-defined paths. But again, I think that
> that is less surprising for novice users (and hence fewer support requests).

I've checked with the MacPorts Gurus, and the bottom line is the problem (as far as we are concerned) is with the root build assuming 'python' is always the name of the binary python. We need to be able to set this to something else, like pythonN.M.

I understand your point above. I am not though asking for a change to the default behaviour that would affect these novice users. Just a (as hidden as you want) way of telling the root build that the python binary name is something other than 'python'.

Aren't things already inconsistent. Options are provided to define precisely define to ./configure the include and lib dir for python, but not to change the binary name. For me, this these go together and to provide one but not the other is a little inconsistent.

If I cannot convince you to provide someway to make this configureable then fine, we will have to agree to disagree. Shame, as it will mean the root port in MacPorts will not work with python as well as it could.

cheers Chris

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