Re: problems build root on OSX against non-system python version

From: Chris Jones <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 22:53:56 +0100

On 13 Sep 2011, at 10:32pm, Brett Viren wrote:

> Chris Jones <> writes:

>> They already are, just not as 'python'. They are available as
>> 'python2.6' and 'python2.7'. MacPorts supports multiple python
>> versions so cannot just call them 'python'.

> Hmm, that seems rather unusual. How do scripts starting with
> "#!/usr/bin/env python" ever get run on such a system?

Unusual, really ? I don't think MacPorts is being that unusual here. I think there are other UNIX systems that do something similar.

users can set their personally preferences so 'python' will run whatever they want, so scripts like that will pick up their preferred versions. My point is the the build system is different and cannot rely on this to pick the correct version. It needs to be more predicable.

> Anyways, in your build environment you can define "python" to be an
> alias or as a bash function and have it point to the desired
> "python2.X".

I don't think so. I'll check with the MacPorts experts though.


> -Brett.

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