proof lite :: RegisterDataSet :: segfault opening a file

From: Adrian Sevcenco <>
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2011 14:43:27 +0300

Hi! i have a small problem: i have a bunch of files with which i want to create a dataset .. the problem is that i have a segfault at a file :

#8 0x00007ff4446823f9 in TFile::Open (fh=0x24e04c0) at
#9 0x00007ff444680d6a in TFile::Open (url=0x228a568
"file:///home/asevcenc/data/data/2011/LHC11a/000146824/ESDs/pass2_with_SDD/11000146824014.790/", options=0x7ff44399b61a "TIMEOUT=5", ftitle=0x7ff44399aaa0 "", compress=1, netopt=0) at
#10 0x00007ff4438be9f2 in TDataSetManager::ScanFile (fileinfo=0x228a310,
dbg=true) at
#11 0x00007ff4438be383 in TDataSetManager::ScanDataSet
(dataset=0x2109fa0, fopt=1, sopt=0, ropt=0, dbg=true, touched=0x1c51740, opened=0x1c51744, disappeared=0x1c51748, flist=0x0, avgsz=50000000, mss=0x7ff4468792b8 "", maxfiles=-1, stageopts=0x1c51cd8 "p=3") at /home/physics-tools/root/v5-28-00/proof/proof/src/TDataSetManager.cxx:1483
#12 0x00007ff4438da4ba in TDataSetManagerFile::ScanDataSet
(this=0x1c515d0, group=0x1c51588 "default", user=0x1c515b8 "asevcenc", dsName=0x200e478 "LHC11a", option=257) at /home/physics-tools/root/v5-28-00/proof/proof/src/TDataSetManagerFile.cxx:1777
#13 0x00007ff4438d9deb in TDataSetManagerFile::ScanDataSet
(this=0x1c515d0, uri=0x1ba1248 "LHC11a", opt=257) at /home/physics-tools/root/v5-28-00/proof/proof/src/TDataSetManagerFile.cxx:1697
#14 0x00007ff4438b6a13 in TProofLite::VerifyDataSet (this=0x1c184a0,
uri=0x1ba1248 "LHC11a") at

  1. the message is not very descriptive
  2. if there is a problem with file, shouldn't be chosen a more robust method in which i receive only a warning?


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