cint :: Limitation: Function can not be defined in a command line or a tempfile

From: Adrian Sevcenco <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 00:58:11 +0300

Hi! I see that this is a known limitation as such i will not request an bug fix :) .. instead i would ask for an advice: for my personal reasons (laziness) i make a utility script to ease my interaction (and get info) from different proof systems ... the script is bash (interpreting) style (in order to call it like : script arg0 arg1 etc..) :
#!/home/physics-tools/root/root/bin/root.exe -l {
get arguments ; processs .. bla bla...

the problem is that i would like to define a help() function that would print the command usage (if there are no arguments or improper arguments are given).. it would be bothersome to repeat in various portions of code about 10 lines of help...
Is there a way to embed a function definition in my script? Thank you!

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