The "undefined symbol:" error while loading a library in ROOT session

From: Vassili Maroussov <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 20:24:30 +0200

Dear ROOTers,

I'm getting the "undefined symbol:"error while trying to load in ROOT session a library with 2 very simple classes. I have no idea what is a reason. File are attached, the session log is below. Can someone help me?



[vmarouss_at_Ezhik-HDX18 IntKeyList]$
[vmarouss_at_Ezhik-HDX18 IntKeyList]$ uname -a
Linux Ezhik-HDX18 #1 SMP Thu Mar 31 21:21:57 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[vmarouss_at_Ezhik-HDX18 IntKeyList]$ make clean
[vmarouss_at_Ezhik-HDX18 IntKeyList]$ make

g++ -O2 -Wall -fPIC -pthread -m64 -I/usr/local/ROOT/pro/include -c IntKeyList.cpp
Generating dictionary IntKeyListDict.cpp... IntKeyListDict.cpp done
g++ -O2 -Wall -fPIC -pthread -m64 -I/usr/local/ROOT/pro/include -c IntKeyListDict.cpp
g++ -shared -O2 -Wall -fPIC -pthread -m64 -I/usr/local/ROOT/pro/include IntKeyList.o IntKeyListDict.o -L/usr/local/ROOT/pro/lib -lCore -lCint -lRIO -lNet -lHist -lGraf -lGraf3d -lGpad -lTree -lRint -lPostscript -lMatrix -lPhysics -lMathCore -lThread -pthread -lm -ldl -rdynamic -o done
[vmarouss_at_Ezhik-HDX18 IntKeyList]$ root

ROOT 5.28/00b (branches/v5-28-00-patches_at_38394, Apr 14 2011, 17:55:00 on linuxx8664gcc)

CINT/ROOT C/C++ Interpreter version 5.18.00, July 2, 2010 Type ? for help. Commands must be C++ statements. Enclose multiple statements between { }. root [0] gSystem->Load("libIntKeyList")
dlopen error:
/home/vmarouss/ROOTFLUKA/NeuLAND/IntKeyList/./ undefined symbol: _ZTV10IntKeyCntr
Load Error: Failed to load Dynamic link library /home/vmarouss/ROOTFLUKA/NeuLAND/IntKeyList/./ (int)(-1)
root [1]

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