how to allow a file-split only at very specific times ?

From: Sebastien Binet <>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 12:07:31 +0100

hi there,

say I want a somewhat more sophisticated filter'n'merge program than 'hadd'.

this program should be able to apply on-the-fly an event selection based on tree0 of the input file (and accept or reject the same entry for tree1-n of the input file.)

so far, so good.
the issue is when the file-split size is looming and is triggered during the copy of merge of trees 1->n: the trees are not kept in synch'.

so... is there a way to specify *when* the split should or should not happen ?
(in essence, I'd like a way to say that a bunch of TTree::Fill should be atomic wrt the file split)


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