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PROOF Installation

Please note that we highly recommend Proof-On-Demand based installations for PROOF.

The purpose of this section is to describe how to enable PROOF on a machine or a cluster of machines. Enabling PROOF on a cluster of machines means to configure and start a dedicated daemon on each machine running as master / worker, hereafter referred to as the servers.

Nothing special has to be done (in addition to install and enable ROOT) on the local machine (the client) to be able to start a PROOF-enabled clusters: the relevant plug-in libraries are included in ROOT and will be automatically loaded.

N.B. Starting with ROOT 5.32.00, XRootD is not distributed with ROOT anymore. To build the 'xproofd' executable and the PROOF plugins libProofx, libXrdProofd it is required to enable XRootD as external package. See the dedicated page for detailed instructions.