ROOTBinder Checklist

ROOTBinder is hosted in this github repository. In order to upgrade the container which is launched in Binder, the steps to be taken are the following:

What if something goes wrong

It is possible that something goes wrong and the link to the interactive demo has to be interrupted. In this case the file has to be modified so to redirect to a page which clarifies the current status of the demo, for example: .

Preparation of the ROOT tarball

  • Clone the repository locally and enter the rootbinder directory.
  • Build the container from the dockerfile: docker build.
  • Start the docker container: docker run -t -i NAMEOFTHEIMAGE
    • The list of images is available with the command docker images
  • Build the desired version of ROOT calling the build directory “root”
  • Make a compressed tarball of root and copy it to

Test and preparation of the image in Binder

  • Fork the rootbinder repository in your private set
  • Build the docker image via the Binder web interface
  • Check the notebooks are correctly working
  • Repeat the procedure with the main repository