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Download VMC

Tar files (pro versions)

Pro versions

geant3: version 321+_vmc.2.7 geant3+_vmc.2.7.tar.gz Tested with ROOT 6.14/06
geant4_vmc: version 4.0.p1 geant4_vmc.4.0.p1.tar.gz Tested with ROOT 6.14/06
Geant4 10.05
(with embedded CLHEP,
VGM 4.4, Garfield master at 07c0ec50a0d3086b3 (*)

(*) with fixes in MR #1 in

In general, the VMC packages can be built with the Root versions which they were tested with and higher, and Geant4 VMC with the Geant4 version which it was tested with including the patches. Note that the Geant4 patches released after the Geant4 VMC tag do not appear in the table above, it is however recommended to update Geant4 with each patch release.

Old versions

geant3: version 321+_vmc.2.6 geant3+_vmc.2.6.tar.gz Tested with ROOT 5.34/38 and 6.14/06



The sources are also available from GitHub and can be obtained in the similar way as the ROOT source.

Download geant3:

Development version (the whole repository):

 git clone

To switch to pro tagged version 2.7:

 cd geant3 
 git checkout v2-7 

To switch to old tagged version 2.6
(For older versions see the correspondent tag and the required version of ROOT in the table):

 cd geant3 
 git checkout v2-6 

Download geant4_vmc:

Development version (the whole repository)

 git clone

To switch to tagged tagged version 4.0.p1:

 cd geant4_vmc 
 git checkout v4-0-p1 

To switch to old tagged version 3.6.p3 (compatible with Geant4 10.04.x):

 cd geant4_vmc 
 git checkout v3-6-p3 

The list of new developments, bug fixes and the required versions of ROOT and Geant4 for each version can be found in the history file.

Download Geant4 - from the Geant4 Web site