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Legacy tutorials

Legacy Tutorials.

Some of ROOT's tutorials demonstrate interfaces that are not recommended anymore, because ROOT or C++ itself now offer superior ones. These have been moved here "for the record".


 Containers tutorials
 Examples showing the "containers' classes" usage..
 Multi Layer Perceptron tutorials
 Examples showing the Multi Layer Perceptron classes.
 PyRoot tutorials
 Examples showing how to write python script for Root.
 Regexp tutorials
 Examples for ROOT's regular expressions.
 Thread tutorials
 Thread examples.


file  benchmarks.C
 This macro run several tests and produces an benchmark report.
file  geant3tasks.C
 This script is a representation using TTasks of the Geant3 simulation program This example uses directly TTask objects.
file  htmlex.C
 This file demonstrates how THtml can document sources.
file  MyTasks.cxx
 A set of classes deriving from TTask.
file  rootalias.C
 Defines aliases:
file  rootenv.C
 Produce a picture of the ROOT environment.
file  rootmarks.C
 Prints a summary of all ROOT benchmarks (must be run before).
file  tasks.C
 Example of TTasks.