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IParamFunctionfwd.h File Reference
#include "Math/IFunctionfwd.h"
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class  ROOT::Math::IParametricFunctionMultiDimTempl< T >
 IParamFunction interface (abstract class) describing multi-dimensional parameteric functions It is a derived class from ROOT::Math::IBaseFunctionMultiDim and ROOT::Math::IBaseParam. More...
class  ROOT::Math::IParametricGradFunctionMultiDimTempl< T >
 Interface (abstract class) for parametric gradient multi-dimensional functions providing in addition to function evaluation with respect to the coordinates also the gradient with respect to the parameters, via the method ParameterGradient. More...


 Namespace for new ROOT classes and functions.


using ROOT::Math::IParametricFunctionMultiDim = IParametricFunctionMultiDimTempl< double >
using ROOT::Math::IParametricGradFunctionMultiDim = IParametricGradFunctionMultiDimTempl< double >
typedef IParametricFunctionOneDim ROOT::Math::IParamFunction
typedef IParametricGradFunctionOneDim ROOT::Math::IParamGradFunction
typedef IParametricFunctionMultiDim ROOT::Math::IParamMultiFunction
template<class T >
using ROOT::Math::IParamMultiFunctionTempl = IParametricFunctionMultiDimTempl< T >
typedef IParametricGradFunctionMultiDim ROOT::Math::IParamMultiGradFunction
template<class T >
using ROOT::Math::IParamMultiGradFunctionTempl = IParametricGradFunctionMultiDimTempl< T >