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Standard Matrix representation

Standard Matrix representation for a general D1 x D2 matrix.

This class is itself a template on the contained type T, the number of rows and the number of columns. Its data member is an array T[nrows*ncols] containing the matrix data. The data are stored in the row-major C convention. For example, for a matrix, M, of size 3x3, the data \( \left[a_0,a_1,a_2,.......,a_7,a_8 \right] \)d are stored in the following order:

\[ M = \left( \begin{array}{ccc} a_0 & a_1 & a_2 \\ a_3 & a_4 & a_5 \\ a_6 & a_7 & a_8 \end{array} \right) \]