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XrdProofdConfig Class Reference

Definition at line 31 of file XrdProofdConfig.h.

Public Member Functions

 XrdProofdConfig (const char *cfg=0, XrdSysError *edest=0)
 Main constructor.
virtual ~XrdProofdConfig ()
const char * CfgFile () const
virtual int Config (bool rcf=0)
virtual int DoDirective (XrdProofdDirective *, char *, XrdOucStream *, bool)
virtual void RegisterDirectives ()
void SetCfgEDest (const char *cfg, XrdSysError *edest)
 Set config file and error handler.

Protected Member Functions

int ParseFile (bool rcf=false)
 Parse config file for the registered directives.
bool ReadFile (bool update=true)
 Return true if the file has never been read or did change since last reading, false otherwise.
void Register (const char *dname, XrdProofdDirective *d)

Protected Attributes


Private Attributes

XrdProofdFile fCfgFile
XrdOucHash< XrdProofdDirectivefDirectives

Static Private Attributes

static XrdOucString fgHost

#include <XrdProofdConfig.h>

Inheritance diagram for XrdProofdConfig:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XrdProofdConfig()

XrdProofdConfig::XrdProofdConfig ( const char *  cfg = 0,
XrdSysError edest = 0 

Main constructor.

Definition at line 42 of file XrdProofdConfig.cxx.

◆ ~XrdProofdConfig()

virtual XrdProofdConfig::~XrdProofdConfig ( )

Definition at line 48 of file XrdProofdConfig.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CfgFile()

const char * XrdProofdConfig::CfgFile ( ) const

Definition at line 51 of file XrdProofdConfig.h.

◆ Config()

virtual int XrdProofdConfig::Config ( bool  rcf = 0)

◆ DoDirective()

virtual int XrdProofdConfig::DoDirective ( XrdProofdDirective ,
char *  ,
XrdOucStream *  ,

◆ ParseFile()

int XrdProofdConfig::ParseFile ( bool  rcf = false)

Parse config file for the registered directives.

The flag 'rcf' is 0 on the first call, 1 on successive calls. Returns 0 on success, -1 otherwise

Definition at line 102 of file XrdProofdConfig.cxx.

◆ ReadFile()

bool XrdProofdConfig::ReadFile ( bool  update = true)

Return true if the file has never been read or did change since last reading, false otherwise.

If update is true, the modification time is updated, so next call will return 0.

Definition at line 67 of file XrdProofdConfig.cxx.

◆ Register()

void XrdProofdConfig::Register ( const char *  dname,
XrdProofdDirective d 

Definition at line 44 of file XrdProofdConfig.h.

◆ RegisterDirectives()

virtual void XrdProofdConfig::RegisterDirectives ( )

◆ SetCfgEDest()

void XrdProofdConfig::SetCfgEDest ( const char *  cfg,
XrdSysError edest 

Set config file and error handler.

Definition at line 51 of file XrdProofdConfig.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fCfgFile

XrdProofdFile XrdProofdConfig::fCfgFile

Definition at line 34 of file XrdProofdConfig.h.

◆ fDirectives

XrdOucHash<XrdProofdDirective> XrdProofdConfig::fDirectives

Definition at line 35 of file XrdProofdConfig.h.

◆ fEDest

XrdSysError* XrdProofdConfig::fEDest

Definition at line 40 of file XrdProofdConfig.h.

◆ fgHost

XrdOucString XrdProofdConfig::fgHost

Definition at line 37 of file XrdProofdConfig.h.

  • proof/proofd/inc/XrdProofdConfig.h
  • proof/proofd/src/XrdProofdConfig.cxx