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XProofProtUtils.h File Reference
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namespace  XPD


int XPD::clientMarshall (XPClientRequest *str)
 This function applies the network byte order on those parts of the 16-bytes buffer, only if it is composed by some binary part Return 0 if OK, -1 in case the ID is unknown. More...
void XPD::clientUnmarshall (struct ServerResponseHeader *str)
char * XPD::convertRequestIdToChar (kXR_int16 requestid)
 This procedure convert the request code id (an integer defined in XProtocol.hh) in the ascii label (human readable) More...
char * XPD::convertRespStatusToChar (kXR_int16 status)
void XPD::ServerInitHandShake2HostFmt (struct ServerInitHandShake *srh)
void XPD::ServerResponseHeader2NetFmt (struct ServerResponseHeader *srh)
void XPD::smartPrintClientHeader (XPClientRequest *hdr)
void XPD::smartPrintServerHeader (struct ServerResponseHeader *hdr)