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Google, cling and python


A delegation of the ROOT team (Fons, Vassil and I) have been invited by Google Zurich to give a Tech Talk on cling. We had a great night in Zurich. Great nights always have consequences on the next day - but as "talk quality" and "nightlife fun" are in different dimensions there is no obvious measure for optimizing these two; everyone will have his or her own favorite combination of both. Mine meant Aspirin the next morning.

After finding Google as easily as we found the bars the night before (long live Öffi!) we were welcomed by our host, Michael Wildpaner, with a tour and excellent coffee. The pictures of Google Zurich I had seen made it look far fancier than it actually is: mostly cubicle next to shared office space. Google is a regular company after all.

They invited us to talk about cling and our experience with interpreting C++ and interfacing it with python. The presentation and the 30 minues Q&A have been published. It was great to see the growing interest in cling, and to hear of the many use cases we never even thought of (also in subsequent postings on the net).

After being silent for so long (1/2 year?!) I now have a whole pile of topics to talk about: expect the next post still this week!