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AIX and dladdr


This is a post that is relevant to about 0.000000% (o, I forgot a "1"!) of the readers: how to implement the missing dladdr() in AIX5. I could not find it anywhere, nobody seemed to have an implementation - and CINT needs it. So when porting v5.28.00 to AIX5 I needed to deal with it.

To save other people from going mad, here's the code:

When You Care About Build Systems


Build systems belong to the world's most irrelevant things. That is: if they work: if they rebuild the parts that depend on a change, if they work for all platforms, and if they are fast. We are pretty happy with our unspectacular configure && make build system: it gets the dependencies right, and (thanks to cygwin) works on all platforms. But how does it do in terms of speed?

News! News! News!


Sorry for having been blog-lazy; first New Year's resolution: more posts.

This time I'll spread two revolutionary news items; they are "officially" public but hey, that doesn't mean everybody knows :-) It's on Rene and Fons, and no, you guessed wrong :-)

Spin little disk, spin!


Since version 5.26, ROOT's files are much faster to read; reports regarding ATLAS AODs regularly show a factor 6 speedup. I will explain where this acceleration comes from (or better what stopped previous ROOT files from being that fast) and how you can enable it. Disclaimer: almost all of what I describe here was done by Rene; I only describe his findings and solutions.


ROOT v5.26 has a new tool that monitors the performance of reading TTrees: TTreePerfStat. Is is used like this:

ROOT had bugs!


I'm happy to see that the title got you here :-) As a matter of fact, this is about several bugs in ROOT. We had code like


if (!CheckServerIsUp(server)) {

That code is just fine, right? Well, read on...


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