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One of ROOT's traditional features: you can use it on any platform. That was especially true in the past: Linux, Windows, MacOS, Solaris, AIX, HPUX - you name it: ROOT was there. But now we have a different environment: devices are getting smaller, and next to good old Linux and Windows in new cloths (Android, Windows Mobile) we have new, dedicated mobile OSes like iOS.

Compile your own C++ standard!


The C++ standards committee has published the LaTeX sources of the standard documents (as they are now, not the ones used for the standardization of C++2011) at I.e. if you don't like the way a compiler looks at your code, you can now edit the document, run it through LaTeX, and claim that your compiler doesn't do what's in your copy of the standard! ;-)

New C++ Standard!


The new C++ standard has been approved: 21 countries voted "yes", 0 "no", and 14 abstained. The official name will be ISO/IEC 14882:2011(E). But there is an ongoing discussion whether the nick name should be C++0x or C++11 - given that the the next version should be published within the current decade.

CERN in the C++ Standards Committee


CERN is now a member of the C++ standards committee.

The LHC experiments and CERN itself use and have created a C++ code base of an estimated 50 million lines of code. Tens years, thousands of developers. About 10,000 people using C++ connected at CERN: users and staff. Given those numbers it makes sense to have opinions on the language features, and to share these opinions with the body that defines the language - just like Fermilab does already.

TextInput: The Prompt


As you have probably noticed, colors arrived at ROOT's prompt about a year ago: known types got blue, matching parentheses light up green, non-matching ones red. Nothing spectacular, except for the fact that this was done by a summer student, and that it was possible without readline. She used the editline library instead.

Release Candidate


ROOT now follows a pattern that's pretty common out there: before publishing the next production release v5.30 end of June, we will have two release candidates: v5-30-00-rc1 and -rc2. Only corrections will go into the release branch between these release candidates and the final release. RC1 has just been published.



We have released a development release about a week ago. Probably not many people noticed - but it contains a revolution, and we'd like to know what you think about it: is it too brutal? Is it what you were longing for all your life?

The revolution I was referring to is not pink, orange, jasmine (is that a color?) or green: it's white and clean. It's ROOT's new default style and a modernization of the GUI look.


ROOT Calendar


We are going to change the way we do releases: we will have release candidates! On a release branch!

Fons has created a Google Calendar that's public (for reading :-), which shows the schedule for the next production release:


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